FERLED, in the name of being a hardworking brand that offers flexible and fast solutions to the lighting sector’s needs, paying special attention to employees’ friendliness, is a firm that does its job with discipline and its offered service within customer satisfaction.

Our dealers; by using new technologies with our suppliers and hardworking team, delivering our quality products to our customers within intended time, works with people who have business vision that maintain our customers’ satisfaction and trust. We provide service with a hardworking team and offer our dealers as not only selling goods from shelves, but also directs their customers to the use of suitable products and again as a firm that supplies various products in lighting sector.


FERLED in domestic and foreign, is a firm that achieved its purposes with offering its services with a product range that expands day by day, using technology effectively and developing with a pace in direct proportion to its speed, actualize approaches that have global effects, its name having mentioned by its quality products and correct implementations along with its punctual service, increasing sector share by targeting profitability, creative and innovative; permanence in its sector, constant developing, customer oriented approach and eligible projects.


Our firm keeps a close watch for the electronic lighting subject, along with our pre-sale technical services, by accompanying its customers with all kinds of need after the sale and systemic solution advices for possible problems, performs its entire studies in line with this purpose to be situated in the international market.

While our main purpose by being FERLED is not only marketing products, the goods that ourselves produce with the slogan “Shed Light on Life” by offering high quality service and enhancing human life; in terms of visuality and economy in our products; as for electronic terms;perfection and reflecting professional studies with respect to energy saving criteria, and also being a firm that produces goods for the needs of our customers.